Seeing things from other peoples point of view.

I hope you like the photos above, i have a little mini project at the moment which i am using my phone to shoot. It is called “other peoples point of view”. I love the concept of taking photos of the person and what they see. As someone who admits he has no eye for taking dramatic photos, i have found this a useful technique to teach me what makes a nice landscape.

When it comes to photography I am a huge fan of learning from others! I think that if i were left to my own devises, it would take me infinity more time to get any decent photos. As it goes i am not just talking about the physical act of taking a photograph but every aspect. whether that be; seeing someone staring at a view and getting in to the same position or getting someone to help you set up a static line for you to take cool, at hight, climbing photos. We can always learn from others!

"Either I’m With Ya Or Against Ya"

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